You may not be able to say the famous Bonnie and clyde jokes , but you’ll surely know them. These jokes are so well-known that they are often referenced on TV, in movies and by authors. They were even a popular topic in the 1920s newspapers during their crime spree across America. So if you want to impress your friends with your knowledge of Bonnie and Clyde, these websites will teach you everything that was said about this infamous duo. You don’t need to be an expert in American history, just know the basic facts of their lives! Bonnie and Clyde jokes are a great way to learn about this infamous couple, but there’s also fun information about the life that Bonnie and Clyde led as well as how they met their untimely deaths.


The first place you can go to learn about Bonnie and Clyde is the Public Broadcasting System website. This organization was started by non-profit public broadcasting organizations across America. There are over 350 PBS member stations and producers who work hard to tell the truth about information for their viewers. 


Reliable Sources To Learn About Bonnie And Clyde Jokes :

1. Clyde Barrow: 


Clyde and Bonnie’s first child was born in 1934. Clyde asked Bonnie to marry him but she refused, so he left her and moved to Florida to live with his mother. The two were divorced in 1935, shortly after Bonnie gave birth to a third child by another man. Bonnie married again at the end of 1936. Over the next few years she had many different jobs. She worked as a steamfitter’s helper at a shipyard, as a cook for the WPA (Works Progress Administration), as a hostess for tourists on Santa Fe Railroad trains, and finally worked at Coca-Cola Enterprises as secretary to their sales manager. 

2. Bonnie Parker:


She was born Mary Elizabeth Parker in 1910 to an unknown father and mother in a small town outside of Kansas City. The family moved around a number of times within the state and it’s not known if the “Bonnie” part of her name came from them moving to Oklahoma or if someone simply added it later on. At first she was known as “Baby”, but when she was about six, her parents began calling her “Bonnie”. 


She was very active in school and often got into trouble for skipping class and eating in the classroom. When she was a teenager she left home to live with aunt Essie Silverman. Bonnie did not continue her education past the sixth grade, but later said that it was because of school that she became interested in crime. Her cousin Earl Parker helped gain Bonnie a job as a salesgirl at The Hi-Hat cafe in Kansas City.

3. Bonnie & Clyde:


Once Bonnie and Clyde met, they were never apart. They ran away together to Texas and Bonnie’s father confiscated their gun. However, the two continued to travel together nonetheless. In 1933, the duo killed a young police officer named Ted Hinton. The following year they stole a car from H. D. “Red” Davis and drove across the border into Oklahoma to see Buck Barrow, Clyde’s older brother. They were soon captured by police in Joplin, Missouri and held for almost two days without being charged before they were released on bail. 


They were soon in trouble again and Clyde was arrested for stealing gas. Bonnie helped him escape and they fled back to Texas. A month later, they committed their first murder together when they killed Dallas police officers P. W. Underwood and Ted Hinton. On October 20th of that year, the two had a big shootout with police in Grapevine, Texas which resulted in three deaths.

4. Bonnie And Clyde Jokes:


Bonnie met Roy Thornton when she was working at Coca-Cola Enterprises in Dallas and he came to deliver furniture for the company. The two were married on May 7th, 1940. After Clyde’s brother was released from prison in February of that year, Bonnie helped him get a job at Coca-Cola Enterprises as well. The company soon fired Roy for stealing so Clyde and Bonnie moved to a farm outside of Dallas. Shortly after, Bonnie gave birth to her second child, Marshall Roy Barrow. 


In early 1941, Clyde was arrested for stealing a car from Tex Turner in Palestine. While he was in prison, Bonnie and his mother released him from their home and fled with the children without telling Clyde where they were going. When he escaped the next month, he found that the house they lived in had been burned down. The two were reunited at the end of April after Bonnie’s brother-in-law married her sister.


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