Kayce Fine Furniture is a company that has been proudly serving the Las Vegas community since 1966. With over four decades of experience in the field of furniture design, they have built a reputation as one of the most reputable and sought-after furnishings providers in Southern Nevada. Their commitment to excellence in both customer service and design has led them to offer an incredibly diverse selection of styles at an affordable cost. Kayce fine furniture is a family-owned and operated business committed to giving customers the best experience possible. From product selection to installation, every member of the Kayce family does their part to ensure that you have a positive experience.


Kayce Fine Furniture has built a reputation as one of the most reputable and sought-after furniture provider’s in southern Nevada. They offer a wide range of products and styles that fit your needs regardless of your price range or design preference. And, with over 4 decades of experience, they are confident that their knowledge can help you find the perfect item for your home or office, regardless of how specific your request may be.  Kayce Fine Furniture also offers full design services, which include custom furniture designs. As respected members of their industry, Kayce Fine Furniture is privy to some secrets that their customers don’t find out until they’ve already made their purchase.


Seven Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Kacey Fine Furniture :

1. You’re Meant To Bathe In It.


When Kacey Fine Furniture created their Acrylic Kayce bathtub, they crafted it with a specific use in mind. After discovering that the vast majority of homes throughout Las Vegas also possessed an acrylic Kayce bathtub (despite being unaware of its origin), they decided to make these tonic bathing tubs available on the open market. Now, Kayce Fine Furniture offers their Acrylic Kayce bathtubs to all those who wish to upgrade the comfort of their bathing experience!


2. The Frames Are Only Marketing Gimmicks.


Kayce Fine Furniture’s sofas and chairs are much maligned for their use of many loose springs as the primary supportive structure. However, there is a reason for this peculiar design choice. It turns out that no one actually sits in Kayce Fine Furniture products! The springs that make up the frame of these items are actually a clever marketing ploy to make the product seem comfy and inviting. All the while, they act as little more than decorations meant to catch your eye before they reveal themselves as so many detached steel coils!

3. You’ll Have To Pay Again.


When purchasing a Kayce Fine Furniture product, you should be aware that the following statement will be true: Your purchase is not complete until you pay again and again. Due to their participation in a variety of recurring billing schemes, TV companies have begun making subscription plans that involve buying products from Kayce Fine Furniture. By using this clever tactic to make an extra commission on each sale, Kayce Fine Furniture has found a way to extend your experience with them far longer than originally intended.

4. They Use Crickets For Soundproofing.


Kayce Fine Furniture is not the most reputable name in Southern Nevada. As such, they’ve had to find other means of dealing with the sound of their customers. In an effort to escape the hearing of those who are sitting on their furniture and those who are waking them up during the wee hours of the morning, Kayce has devised a clever solution involving a bag full of crickets. Though this may seem like an odd choice for soundproofing, one must realize that these crickets are already used to being in close proximity to each other. Therefore, it is not uncommon for multiple insects to be found in a single sack.

5. It’s Actually A Tabletop.


When purchasing a Kayce Fine Furniture dining table, you may think that it’s an actual dining table meant to hold your plates, silverware and glasses. However, it actually turns out to be just a tabletop! Yes, Kayce Fine Furniture products are designed in such a way that the top of your furniture item is actually its bottom side! This means that all of their pieces can double as tables for your home or business!

6. They Attach Themselves To You With Friction.


When you think of the classic 1960’s Kacey Fine Furniture style, you likely picture a sofa or loveseat with large, overstuffed cushions. However, these pieces of furniture have a clever and subtle trick that keeps them firmly in place. For those who have never sat on one of these couches, it may be hard to imagine how they are able to stay so stiff and immobile. However, the secret is all in the adhesive that Kayce Fine Furniture uses to attach their furniture to your bedroom or living room! While most furniture items are constructed using a variety of mechanical means for support, Kayce Fine Furniture has opted to use only friction.

7. They Are Designed To Age.


Though you might think that Kayce Fine Furniture products are just a moving target for consumers and have no lasting value, they actually hold up quite well over time. Though they may not stand up well to heavy wear (such as repeated washings), they do tend to retain their structural integrity and rarely lose any of their structural integrity over time.

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