For many students, English can be a challenging subject. Yet, if you have never taken an English class before, it is difficult to know what to expect. What about the English writing center? If you are not currently in school but would like to improve your writing skills, this center might prove helpful for you.  Some people might find it strange that there exists an art form called graffiti as well as a software program that is known by this name. Chauvin writing is also just as common. In this article, we will look at some surprising facts about writing centers.

1) The first writing center in the United States

The first writing center opened in the United States was actually in Boston, Massachusetts. It started in 1867 and lasted until 1873. This center had a somewhat different focus than today’s centers because the focus was more on composition than on grammar. The center included writers and typesetters who were paid to be there during their lunch break. 

This was called a “subscription school”.  The typesetters were called “subscribers” because they paid monthly fees to be there during their lunch break every day of the month but not every day of the week. These typesetters worked for the “Boston Evening Transcript”.  They came from the Boston Telegraph and included a reporter and a telegraph operator.

2) Scribner’s Magazine

Scribner’s Magazine was the first writing center publication. It started in 1887 and went out of business in 1907. The magazine only lasted eight years but had a total of eighteen volumes. For its time, this magazine was progressive because it showed that college students could write about new ideas and current events. 

One of its articles focused on an interview with Helen Keller who became blind and deaf at 19 months old then lost her ability to speak at 7 years old after she caught meningitis. The article was entitled “The Story of My Life”. There were many other articles written by famous authors of the time such as Jack London, Elbert Hubbard and William Dean Howells.

3) Modern English Research Association or MORA

In 1914, the Modern English Research Association (MORA) began. It was dedicated to improving writing skills and became a very prominent organization during that time because there were so many schools that focused on the “grammatical arts”. 

In 1915, the group created a publication called The Writing Instructor with the goal of creating writing guides for college students. Four years later, in 1918, The Writing Instructor was no longer available to students because it went out of business. A few years later, the modern day writing center started to exist.

4) The Modern Language Association (MLA)

In 1922, the Modern Language Association (MLA) was founded. It still exists today and is one of the most important organizations in the world for writers. This is because they publish journals that are focused on academic research on a wide variety of topics related to language such as linguistics, folklore, history, religion and literature. 

In 1924, the MLA began publishing journals called Language and Literature Studies. These journals were not so much about grammar but more about language usage in history or other interesting areas. Still today, some of these journals are called “Modern Language”, “Language and Literature” or “Language”.

5) The American Journal of Education and the Writing Center

In 1932, the American Journal of Education was founded. It was only in its second volume when the Modern Language Association (MLA) decided to begin publishing a journal that was to be focused on writing and related topics called The Writing Center. They did this because they thought that many schools were not offering enough help to students who needed it. 

This first issue included an editorial entitled “The Function of the Writing Center in College Teaching” written by A.L. Richards, then vice-president of the Modern Language Association (MLA). This editorial discussed how writing skills should be taught to students so that their education would be as complete as possible.

6) The Modern Language Association (MLA) and the MLA Modern Language Conference

In 1937, the MLA Modern Language Conference was first held. This conference was for all scholars of language, writers and language teachers. The conference had many different sessions that people could attend to hear about new ideas in their field of study. There were also conferences from that year where only one session was available so that people could attend as many sessions as they wanted. This conference is still around today and is still held every four years in various cities around America. In 1939, there was a conference in Washington DC called the “American Institute of the History of the Department of State”.


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