Other occasions, it’s used for when one thing looks as if an easy◊ and incredibly obvious alternative, and yet it isn’t being carried out. SpongeBob hideously dressed in drag while superimposed in opposition to stereotypical photographs of well-liked international areas corresponding to London, Italy, and the Moon or any well-liked place/event normally. Usually to insult shallow girls or deprecate the memer themselves about how foolish they appear whereas going someplace. A comic made out of screenshots from “Bubblestand” and “Patty Hype”.

Some users even dug out an old tweet of Modi from 2013, the place he’s beseeching Sen to “reply my SMS ”. A screenshot◊ of Patrick became a baby in “Goo Goo Gas” turned popular in 2019, with a preferred edit having Soulja Boy’s “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” performed over it. A line from Plankton when he successfully tips Mr. Krabs into giving up the formulation by disguising himself as a dollar. Used to lampshade a extremely unlikely outcome occurring or a Didn’t Think This Through second on the memer’s part. For some cause, one model of this that notably took off was one where Barnacle Boy was given a New York Yankees baseball cap.

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A picture◊ Squidward took of SpongeBob in “Christmas Who?” where he has a sad expression with massive eyes and a Single Tear on his left eye turned popular in early 2021, typically utilized in ironic memes. An ironic and surreal meme that consists of the face SpongeBob makes after by chance smudging paint all over Mr. Krabs’ first greenback in “Wet Painters” with the textual content “6. the greenback” positioned over it. It originated from this video from 2011, however took off in early 2020, with a popular model of the meme having the nonsensical upper caption “sigbeqboibe😭💀 wy hw nugq loko liwk rhhsi 😭😭”. Mr. Krabs establishing the Towers’ motto, from the epynomous episode.

“I assume men hate Pete Davidson because he disproves all their shallow theories about what ladies want and validate that what we want is a good human being who gets us and is humorous,” they wrote in a now-viral tweet. List of episodes”Squilliam Returns” is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three evil peppa. In this episode, Squidward tries to convince Squilliam that he owns a five-star restaurant. IPL mastermind Lalit Modi had simply posted his pictures with ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood star Sushmita Sen in numerous poses of endearment.