Mark Rosen is a shameless self-promoter who is only interested in his own success. He doesn’t care about your success, or how he might be hurting you as long as he gets what he wants. Rosen will do anything to destroy your credibility and reputation, even if that means hurting his own wife in the process. He often encourages others to do the same. If you want to learn more about evidence of Mark Rosen wife ‘s misdeeds, keep reading for solid points.


Solid Evidences Why Mark Rosen Wife Is Bad For Your Career Development :

1. Mark Rosen is a TIN MAN.


It didn’t take long for Mark Rosen to become a professional over-researcher. In the world of self-promotion, he’s definitely one of the guys who’s never satisfied with anything less than…well, you get the point. People who aspire to be successful need to learn that this isn’t about quantity or volume, but about quality research and hard work. You can’t scrape together a pile of random facts and expect to get ahead in life, but you can profit from information which has been carefully researched and synthesized into an easily digestible format which is actionable and relevant (rather than just being rambling).

2. Mark Rosen Hates Winning.


Self-promoters are always on the lookout for new opportunities to bet their money and spin their wheels, so they can brag about it to other self-promoters who will return the favor but in a less authentic way. This is a recipe for fast failure and a slow death. If you’re doing genuine research and providing valuable content, people will virtually be lining up to promote you because that’s what it takes to make real money in this game. It also takes being caretakers of our reputation, something self-polluters aren’t concerned with because they are more interested in getting paid than they are caring about their own good names or the success of others.

3. Mark Rosen Pretends To Be Your Friend, But He’s Actually Your Enemy.


Self-promoters are divisive people who will plant seeds of doubt in your mind, but the real reason is that they’re out to get you. The fact that he’s your friend doesn’t change the fact that he is trying to destroy your career. The whole point of their self-promotion is to make themselves look good by destroying yours. This is something every successful person must keep in mind, otherwise they’re going to find themselves being destroyed by someone who’s only interested in their own failings. The real question that needs to be asked is why? Why are they destroying you? Why are they betraying a friendship and dragging you down?

4. Mark Rosen Is A Liar.


Mark’s life has been nothing but a string of lies designed to get him ahead with no regard for others or what his actions might mean for them. He has chosen to lie about everything from his struggles to the praise he received from family members and colleagues, as well as about what he does for a living. What he’s doing on the internet is no different from what he does in the real world. It’s all about him and his promotion of himself. He’s been lucky enough to get paid for it, but that would never be possible if he wasn’t a self-promoter who was looking for their next victim to exploit rather than another production team looking for fresh material to produce.

5. Mark Rosen Is A Compulsive Liar.


The self-promoters are lying about everything, and this leads us to find out that they’re also lying about their lies being lies. It’s no different than getting a flu shot every time you get sick, but this also applies to the lies they tell about their lives, as well as their lies about other people. They’ll lie about why they’re coming to an interview with you, who recommended you for the job, and what their expectations are.


They don’t say it directly, but they’re lying through their teeth. These are all examples of what is known as LYING IN EPISTEMOLOGY . There is no reason to believe anyone who tells you anything other than the truth once they have been caught in a lie.

6. Mark Rosen Is A Lowlife Liar.


As mentioned above, lying seems to be the main focus for Rosen, but there is also a history of cheating that you should consider. He’s been known to cheat on his wife and has also cheated with others in the past. If you see him make mention of someone he’s been close with, take it with a grain of salt – maybe he’s just mentioning them to make himself feel better about being single again. If you come across any stories about how much money he made or how many awards he received, it’s probably fake news or something Rosen has created himself from scratch.

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