Learning spells is usually an expensive task. With the Spell Token project, spells can be paid for with INX crypto-tokens, potentially making the entire practice of magic even more accessible to those who might not be able to afford it.


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If you’ve ever watched a Harry Potter movie and wished that they were real, here’s some good news for you: Spells may soon become one of the most marketable skills on earth, thanks largely to blockchain technology. 


You can now learn spells for Bitcoin! As Bitcoin pioneer Cobra Bitcoin tweeted last year: “SpellToken is like Bitcoin but instead of mining tokens, you cast Spells. Spells are like cryptocurrencies.”


Spells are the currency of magic. Although they currently exist as currency exclusively in fiction, they could one day become an actual part of the world – if you can master them. The concept of spells as a form of payment is not new. In fact, some modern magicians have even tried to develop techniques for casting spells for crypto-tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


Here are some points discussed-

1. What do Spells look like?

The Spells token project is the brainchild of a small team of Russian and American designers, artists, and magicians. According to their website, the currency consists of “divination cards,” which feature three “spells” per card. 

Each one is a different spell that can be charged with INX tokens, a cryptocurrency that has been created for use on Spells. Learning spells is usually an expensive task. With Spells you can pay for your spells with crypto coins.


2. Spells are composed of three parts:

  1. A “Targets” card which describes the result you’re trying to achieve. b. A “Casting” card, which is the spell itself, in spell form. c. An “Environments” card, which describes your situation and helps you understand how situations will change when you cast this spell. 


Spells can be charged with INX tokens, a crypto-currency that has been created for use on Spells (INX), a relatively new blockchain platform that will allow users to easily create their own custom tokens and mine them all via mobile phones, tablets or even Xbox Ones using their chrome browser extension wallet app Brave (Basic Attention Token). 


3. How easy is it to cast a spell with Spells?

Spells are easy to use. They are designed to be easy to use, and can be used on smart devices by anybody who already knows their way around the internet.

The Spells cryptocurrency can be charged with INX crypto tokens or with BTC or ETH coins. 


The Spells project introduced their own blockchain platform in 2016, and they’re now developing apps for desktop computers as well as mobile devices that will make it even easier for people to get involved with spells.

4. How are spells cast?

Spells are cast using a system called geocasting. Geocastings work by using geographic coordinates to locate the user. For example, if you wanted to cast a spell for a better love life, you would use your GPS location to determine that this was what you were casting a spell for. 


That’s not all, though. You’ll then be able to say how strong of an effect you want this spell to have on your love life, and then select when you want it to kick in. This is possible because Spells can be set up as “timers,” meaning they will automatically activate after a certain amount of time has passed.


Spells will automatically activate after a certain amount of time has passed.

Spells’ geocasting system also allows them to be set up as “smart contracts.” Smart contracts are contracts that can execute automatically, which means Spells can be set up as a program which will execute itself when the conditions it is set up to handle are met.


For instance, in the event of an individual’s death, the Spells program could activate its timer and release inX tokens to the real beneficiaries of said person’s estate. This will allow Spells to take on more responsibilities over time and make the community more involved with their spells.


5. Spells could be used for online gambling:

Spells can be used to gamble online and make predictions at any time. If somebody wants to predict something, they will place a bet on it and choose the amount of time they want their bet to last. 


Like all Spells, this bet can then be set up as a timer so that it will activate whenever a certain amount of time has passed. This makes Spells ideal for online gambling since their system is easy for users to get involved with, and allows them to create custom bets which are executed automatically once their time is up.



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