Inspiring stories are everywhere – some come from the headlines, others come from the hearts of people just like you. 

They can be stories of overcoming incredible odds or stories about discovering your passion. 


Explore these timeless tales of triumph for a few minutes each day, and you’ll have all the inspiration you need to take on problems at work, help the less fortunate in your community, pursue your dreams, you name it!


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Here we will discuss some stories that will inspire you:-

1. The Miracle of the Mumbai Bus


We’ve all read about heroes, but few are as ordinary as Tavleen Singh. The journalist-turned-politician’s life was altered – and surely many lives were saved – when she led a brave charge to rescue people trapped inside a burning bus. 


It was August 2000, and Singh was driving near Bandra, Mumbai, when she noticed smoke billowing from the bus behind her. Her first reaction was annoyance, there’s always some idiot who lights up a cigarette or drops burning embers off the top of the bus. 


But this time, it was different. People were trapped inside the vehicle; they were dying before her eyes. Singh jumped out of her car and ran to the bus, which was rapidly filling up with smoke. 


She was joined by a few other brave-hearted people, and together they tried to open the door. As soon as she peered through a window, Singh was confronted by a horrifying sight: two children inside were motionless and staring at her from their seats in the back. She knew it wouldn’t take long before they stopped breathing.


2. The Sunflower


In 1994, Arlene Frank was a vice-president at a Boston-based bank when she felt compelled to overcome her inhibitions and do something truly special for her eight-year-old daughter, Sara. 


Frank had always loved the art of illustration and she had a lot of spare time on her hands. Why not hone some skills and draw some pictures? So thought the busy executive, who would often put Sara to bed telling her that they’d be doing art together in the morning. 


But when morning came, Frank still hadn’t done any art. She was too busy taking care of business for the bank. Eventually, though, she was able to take time out for herself…and her daughter. 


Frank drew a sunflower on a piece of paper and asked Sara what it looked like. “It looks like happiness,” she said. Frank had been seeking happiness herself from more money, a better house, a more interesting job, but this was the first time she’d felt anything close to it since her marriage fell apart eight years earlier. 


3. The Gift


Most of us are guilty of spending money on ourselves. The holidays are no exception. We buy gifts for our friends, family, and co-workers. But what about the person who does not have any relatives or friends? 


What about the victim of a hospitalization or accident? What if that person is alone in his or her hospital room? Most people simply cannot afford to buy gifts, so they offer kind words instead. Even after reading this story, you might do the same thing. 


Someone you love has needs that cannot be met without your help. So what can be done? This story shows how one family put their money where their mouth was and paid the ultimate price for doing so.


4. The Good Samaritan


Every day in America someone is in need of help and assistance, yet many refuse to help because they feel that it is their responsibility to themselves for being alive. This man’s heart warmed to the freezing people on the street and he saw their struggles and he finally decided to take action. 


He was not like most people who hide when they see someone else in need. He decided that he was going to do something about it but he could not afford the $20 needed at the time so he went home and asked his mother if she could help him out and give it to him later on. 


She did of course and he took it out to the people on the street and gave them a hot cup of coffee to warm their hands.


5. The Coffee Shop:


This is a great story that exemplifies common courtesy and respect for human life. In Canada, a few individuals were sitting around in a small coffee shop when they felt something hit their hand. 


One of them noticed that it was a quarter from an old man sitting next to them so they made the decision not to keep it but to pay it forward by putting it in the payphone’s coin slot and calling information for him.


When the old man was told that he had just received a call and that his quarter was in the coin slot at the payphone, he smiled and told them that he thought about his grandson and how possibly he needed it for something.


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