A Tesla customer accidentally blew up his Model S electric car during a test drive, setting off an explosion that smashed the vehicle and damaged nearby homes. The vehicle went flying 50 feet in the air after the driver tried out one of Elon Musk’s “D” models at high speed on public roads near Seattle, Washington. 


“The customer who had been driving lost control of the vehicle over a paved section of roadway and drove through a barricade at 42 mph and collided with two large trees,” said Tesla spokesperson Khobi Guo to Business Insider. 


Addor RAR has some more information about Tesla Owner Blows up Model S instead of Footing $22,600 Repair Bill.


The customer was unhurt in the incident but his car didn’t fare as well; it has since been destroyed. Instead of fixing the car himself, the driver filed a suit against Tesla, claiming the company was to blame. 


Here are some points discussed about Tesla-

1. Tesla’s value as a company, rising 10%, surpassing $46 billion.


Tesla has announced it will build a factory in Shanghai with the help from the Chinese government. The plant will be run by Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic products like Apple and Amazon devices. 


Tesla is making progress building battery production plants in China and the U.S., but it still struggles with finding partners at home who can deliver the necessary volume of batteries for its cars at an affordable price.


2. Tesla’s Model 3 is having production problems. 


Company was supposed to be producing 2,500 per week by the end of 2017. Now they’re only producing 2,000 per week, if that (Tesla Model 3 production is still far below target). 


Tesla has been accused of fudging the numbers on its reported production numbers for its Model 3 mass market vehicle. The company built 9,766 of the cars from January through March; it was supposed to build 2,500 a week at that point.


3. Elon Musk gets sued for calling the company a “cult”.


In 2017, two former Tesla employees accused the company’s chief executive, Elon Musk, of creating a dangerous work environment at the electric-car maker and calling the company a “cult” that was unfit for family members to join. 


The suit said Mr. Musk made statements like: “Traumatic experiences at Tesla were created by him directly or indirectly because of his actions.” It added that he also kept a list in his desk at work of employees he wanted to fire, including engineers who had raised concerns about safety issues with an auto-pilot feature on a Model S sedan.


4. Tesla’s factory in California is dangerous. 

Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California, has been called “nearly a death trap” by the United Auto Workers Union for its lax safety standards. In May of 2018, the Fremont Fire Department responded to an incident where a fire at the plant was deemed to be at least two-alarms. 


A forklift is believed to have started the fire after it touched two overhead wires that delivered power to a welding station for Tesla Model 3 parts. No one was injured, but the plant is still structurally unsafe and off-limits to employees.


5. Tesla Tower is a scam. 

Tesla has been accused of paying bribes to secure a contract with the South African government to supply energy storage systems and set up its first “Gigafactory” outside of the United States in the country’s Northern Cape province. 


Elon Musk said that he had no knowledge of nor any involvement with payments to companies controlled by Gupta family members for services which were not rendered. The Guptas have been accused by South African prosecutors of graft, fraud and money laundering.


6. Musk wants to go to Mars. 

Tesla has no viable product to speak of in the pipeline, and is facing a cash crunch. However, the one thing it has going for it right now is its charismatic CEO, Elon Musk. He has made some fantastical claims about the future success of Tesla cars and recently announced that he wants to revolutionize transport by sending rockets full of people to Mars by 2024.


7. Tesla’s SolarCity deal was a scam from day one. 

One of the biggest losers in all this will be former SolarCity investors who bought its stock at its peak in 2014. SolarCity had been bought by Tesla in a deal that gave the electric-car maker a stake in SolarCity’s solar business.



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