The Nintendo Switch has been a real revolution in gaming, and we’re all grateful for it. But even this revolutionary console demands accessories to make the most out of it and help you take your game sessions to the max. We’ve got some great advice in this post on the best accessories for your new Nintendo Switch OLED edition!


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1. A protective cover: 


The Nintendo Switch is prone to scratches when put into any bag or pouch with sharp objects like keys, change, or pens. Even when placed in a case, it can still end up with a very small scratch on it. That’s why you should invest in a protective case for your Nintendo Switch console.


The Nintendo Switch Protective Case has been made to be stylish, as well as protective. It comes with a soft interior to absorb shocks and scratches, as well as providing a convenient grip for holding the console more securely. 


Moreover, its case is made from synthetic leather so that the edges don’t get frayed (which can happen pretty quickly if you carry your cases around a lot). The case is available in many colors such as black, red and blue and also features both horizontal and vertical designs to fit any style or personality.

2. Joy-Con Wheel attachments:


Because of its small nature, playing a racing game on the Nintendo Switch can prove to be irritating and stressful for your hands. If you want to play racing games without any stress, then you should pick up a pair of attachable Joy-Cons for your console.


The Switch Racing Wheel Set from Union is an excellent accessory that will seamlessly fit onto your Nintendo Switch’s Joy Cons and turn them into fully functional steering wheels that won’t slip out of your hands. 


This means you can play racing games like Mario Kart like you were playing it on a real console! You’ll also need this if you are planning to play other types of racing games or even some strategy or sports games.


3. More back-up charging power:


The Nintendo Switch’s battery life is not as long as previous-gen consoles (around 3 hours), which is pretty bad. However, you can still extend that life a bit and efficiently recharge your console to last even longer by using this Nyko Charge Block Pro.


The Block Pro is a charging stand that will fit the Nintendo Switch and its dock perfectly. It features more than 750 charge cycles and charges your console up to 6 times faster than just using the USB charger cable. 


The stand also allows you to easily charge two sets of Joy Cons at once, which comes in handy for when you have a few friends over or have family members who want to take advantage of your multiplayer games.


4. A good case for traveling with the Switch:


The Nintendo Switch is a great console, so you’ll want to take it with you when you travel, whether it’s on a road trip or to your friend’s house. In order to take it wherever you want and make sure nothing happens to it, you should get a case for your Nintendo Switch Console . This Sabrent USB-C Travel Case is a great choice for anyone in need of a portable case who also has a USB-C port.


The Sabrent Case features room for the Nintendo Switch itself and up to 8 game cartridges. It can fit comfortably into a backpack or purse and includes a mesh pocket for small accessories. Also, it’s very sturdy because of the way it’s designed.

5. More comfortable controllers:


The Nintendo Switch controllers are pretty comfortable when playing on TV, but when you take your console with you and play on the go, these controllers aren’t that great to hold due to their small size. 


If you find your hands cramping up after playing for more than 30 minutes, then we recommend you try this pair of Joy-Cons from HORI . The set comes with two extra large sticks that make gaming sessions a lot easier on your hands.


The extra large sticks on these controllers provide rest for your hands and fingers when playing, so your hands won’t cramp up easily or tire out. They also help with getting a more accurate control of direction because of the larger surface area.


6. A screen protector for your screen:


The Nintendo Switch OLED Screen is made from high-end Gorilla Glass, so it can survive a lot of drops, bangs and easy scratches. However, it still needs protection just like any other screen to prevent anything worse happening to it.


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