We all want to be stylish and trendy, but not everyone has the time and money they need. But fear not! 


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hacks, tricks and tips to help you keep your look fresh without breaking the bank. 


From turning old tees into crop tops to wearing mismatched colored shoes with anything, we know these fashion hacks will come as something of a welcome relief as you scroll through your social feed.

Are You Fashion has some more information about the best fashion hacks that will make your life easy.

1.Wearing Gradient Jewelry


Wearing a necklace with a bunch of intricate, Gradient colored beads on it will give you that “I’m on vacation” look without spending a lot of money. 


Simply get three different colored rubber bands and string them together, then roll the bands onto the necklace and pull the ends apart. Voila: instant gradient necklace! Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to get an even more unique look.


2.The Belt Tie


This is a great fashion trick to pull off when you’re in a hurry, as it only takes a few seconds. Grab a black belt and attach it to one end of your shirt. 


Make sure the belt buckle is on the side of your shirt with the buttons, then simply pull the other side of your shirt through the loop underneath it. 

This will keep your shirt tucked in and give you a trendy look with only a few seconds of effort.


3.Using a Scarf as a Belt


A scarf can be used for much more than just keeping warm. Take a scarf and loop one end through your pants and the other up and over your hip and connect it underneath itself. 


Now you have a belt that will cover any gaps in your shirt or blouse. If you’re into belts, then you’re going to love this next hack!


4.Turn an Old Tee into a Crop Top


This is probably the cheapest hack of them all, as all you need is an old tee and a few seconds of time.

Simply cut the bottom off of the shirt so it leaves about four inches on each side of your crotch, then cut the top of the shirt off so there’s only four inches left on each side of your neckline. There you have it, a brand new crop top with the comfort of your old favorite tee.


5.Changing Your Shoe’s Laces


One of the easiest fashion hacks is changing your shoes’ laces, as it only takes a few seconds and will give you an entirely new look. 

There are hundreds of different laces available that you can use to make sure your shoe’s colors match whatever outfit you’re wearing. 


This hack is great for ladies who are always on the go but want to make sure they look good when they get there.

6.Shoe Spikes


This is another awesome trick that will save you time and money. Simply take an old pair of heels or boots and add in some shoe spikes to the bottoms. 


These will add a few inches to your height, thus making you look much more stylish. They can also give you a little edge when going out at night.


7.Turn Skirts Into Capris/Shorts by Using Elastic Bands


A lot of people love wearing skirts, but a lot of places have a strict “no short-shorts” policy. So, what’s a girl to do? You can turn any skirt into shorts by using the elastic bands that are on the braces you wore when you were in middle school. 


Simply roll up your skirt, secure it with some of these elastic bands, and voila! You have some stylish capris/shorts. This also works on skirts that are too long.


8.Belt Your Purse


Another great way to make your purse more fashionable is by attaching a belt to it. Don’t worry  this doesn’t mean you have to carry around a big old cowboy belt with your purse. 


Simply take a belt that’s longer than your purse strap, slide it through the strap, then buckle it for added security. This will not only give you an extra pocket to hold things in, but it will also make sure your purse stays safely around your shoulder.


9.Put Your Hair in a Bun with a Tail


A lot of women have long, beautiful locks that they want to show off at all times. However, a lot of hair-dos can make it difficult to see the person behind them. 


If you’re going somewhere where you don’t want to take a chance on having their face covered by your hair, then simply take a few bobby pins and stick them into your hair near the ends. 


Now, put your hair in a bun and pin it in place with some extra bobby pins. 

That will give you an updo that will still show off all of your pretty locks while keeping your face safe from getting tangled up or showing too much of yourself.


10.Use a Headband as a Scarf


Girls often have a hard time wearing scarves because they never know where to keep them. However, this is a great way to prevent that issue from coming up in the first place. 


Simply take a headband and wrap it around your neck so it covers all of your hair. 

Now you can wear your scarf as normal, just with the added benefit of being able to see what’s going on around you without having to take off your scarf.

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