It was while watching a movie that I got the idea that “braided up curly ponytail” is becoming more popular. Looking online, I found many different tutorials explaining how to create this hairstyle – each tutorial with new variations of the look. By now, there are many different styles of braided up curly ponytails – from a single braid to spirals and knots. However, it seems that most are pulling their hair into one hand for speed and maneuverability during the process. 


The origins seem a bit murky and unclear. Braided up curly ponytail is a look that has become increasingly popular in the fashion world. From fashion shows to magazine covers, braided up curly ponytails are catching on. The term “braided up curly ponytail” itself was coined by celebrity hairstylist, Micahel Chang of Michael Cinq Salon in West Hollywood, California.  Braids have been around for a long time as protective hairstyles – and they are still around today as protective styles but they can also be used to create a wide variety of modern looks. There is some indication from ancient records that Egyptians had this style in ancient times but no written record of it exists today in any ancient text or document.


The History of Braided Up Curly Ponytail :

1. Ancient Egyptians: 


In ancient Egypt, braids were used for protective styles. Two ancient Egyptian women are depicted in tombs with their hair braided, one holding her hair in a bun on top of her head while the other is depicted with a twisted bun on the back of her head.

2. South Asia:


In India, braiding is a very popular method to “bundle” hair – not only keeping the hair safe but also giving it new life and increased volume. It is said that this style evolved out of “havana” – or ritualistic prayer ceremonies where participants braid their hair into many individual braids with colorful thread binders and flowers. Every hairstyle that a bride wears must have a meaning or message behind it. In the past, bride hair was unpinned and braided into many long braid of 7-10 strands. The final braided bun symbolized the sacred eight-limbed goddess Durga, who rides a lion in her victory over her demonic enemies. Braids were also used in the first Indian wedding ceremony as a symbol of protection and luck.

3. USA:


  1. i) Native Americans – Native American women wore their hair in two braids while they were farming or hunting. When they performed ceremonies, their hair was usually cut very short to symbolize the change from being a woman to being an adult warrior.


  1. ii) African American – The small, tight braids were worn by most women of African descent during the early 1900s and continued to be worn by most women of all ethnic backgrounds in the early 1900s, 1930s and 1940s.


iii) Hispanics – Braids are still an accepted form of hair dressing among many Hispanic communities. In fact, many Hispanic communities still prefer that their hair be made up into small braided twists for protection and for “bun” styles.

4. Europe: 


Brides who wore their hair in tight braids or bun shapes were considered richly beautiful because they showed their wealth and marriage to a wealthy man. 

5. Modern Society:


Influential women like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey popularized the look with their shoulder-length hair. Now “braided up curly ponytail” is becoming a stylish way to wear wavy or curly hair as a protective style. Today, the look has become popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus; and even stylists are talking about it. 


It’s also picked up by Fashion Week attendees, runway models and others working in front of the camera, for protection from damaging heat styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. A “braided up curly ponytail” is the perfect hairstyle for African American women and women of any ethnicity who are looking for a protective style that is stylish and can be worn to most any occasion. It also gives hair a more polished, put-together look as opposed to just wearing a messy bun or ponytail that can make hair appear dull.


The origin of braided up curly ponytail is unclear and seems to have no one clear origin. However, these beautiful protective hairstyles are still around today and are being worn by more and more people for protective styles.

6. Fashion People:


Although the origins of braided up curly ponytail are unclear and may have originated from different cultures, the style has gained popularity as a protective hairstyle for women. Braids were mentioned in written records for protection and as a style of hair done in different styles, but did not become popular until the 20th century when African American women began to wear them. Braids and braids were made popular by many fashion designers who showcased their skill on how to style different braid patterns. The most specific example is Isaac Mizrahi who has been credited with introducing this look into the fashion market.


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