Want to know the most cringe-worthy fact about your job? It’s a pretty simple one. Did you know that in America, there are more than 150 million people who work in sectors such as construction, warehousing and retail? That’s over 10 percent of the working population! Construction workers have the highest injury rates of any profession with an estimated 80,000 injuries per year. Not only that but construction workers are some of the unsung heroes; most people don’t realize how many construction projects are built with their labor. The male-female employment rate is roughly equal for this field too which means there is plenty of opportunity for both men and women to break into big business or start their own businesses if they want.

1. Property Manager

The Property Manager is the hired professional responsible for managing a building or property. Property managers are responsible for everything from security, maintenance and health to handling tenant concerns and disputes. Generally speaking, this is not a strenuous job and it does have a certain amount of prestige attached to it. It’s also one of the most common jobs that property management companies hire for their first big hires due to how much responsibility comes with the position.

2. Security Guard

Security guards work in shifts throughout a working day, week or month depending on their employer’s requirements. Security guards are on the front line of crime, which means that their responsibility to keep the public safe is high. These guards must have a reliable knowledge of different types of weapons and be able to properly handle them in case an incident occurs. They must also be able to work with civilians by soothing tensions and diffusing conflicts if they arise.

3. Courier

Couriers transport products and packages between companies, locations, warehouses or residences. If you want to join this profession, you will need experience driving a car and be very familiar with the local area that you are delivering in. Couriers typically work in a small group and help each other when moving large, heavy or delicate objects.

4.  Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaners are responsible for cleaning up all sorts of messes, making sure everything is spotless and looking its best. You’re not just going to be cleaning offices either; commercial cleaners also spend a lot of time cleaning the outsides of buildings as well because they have to be able to withstand the elements and look great all year round. Commercial cleaners need to possess an eye for detail because there’s nothing worse than an office building that looks like a tornado went through it.

5.  Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants are security that bosses never see coming. A good personal assistant is invisible; all you see is them handling your anxieties, arranging your schedule and generally making the most of your time for you. Personal assistants have to be able to handle a wide variety of responsibilities from booking travel plans to taking care of marketing needs. They need to be extremely well organized and have excellent people skills, especially when dealing with high-maintenance personalities such as celebrities or influential businessmen and women.

6.  Public Relations Manager

Public Relations managers are in charge of making sure the company’s image is presented in the best possible way. They make all kinds of decisions on how to spin a situation and how to get their message across to everyone who will see it. For example, public relations professionals can make sure Internet campaigns are engaging and the brand’s reputation is maintained at all times.

7.  Child Care Worker

Child care workers take care of kids 24/7 and make sure they’re happy, healthy and well-fed while they do it. Child care workers are responsible for making sure the kids are safe at all times and that they have what they need to stay healthy. Child care workers also take on an enormous amount of responsibility with regards to all kinds of sick days, homework help, babysitting, etc. You can’t just say ‘I’m going to go off for the day and leave my kid in the care of somebody else’ because there is a very real chance that your kid will get sick or stay up too late.

8.  Personal Shopper

Personal Shoppers work in shopping malls and other places with a high consumer base and high-prestige brands. They are responsible for introducing new products to the store, handling complaints and making sure that customers are satisfied with their shopping experience. Most stores employ personal shoppers as an assistant of sorts to the store manager; they’ll take on all kinds of different jobs from dealing with customers to taking care of cash registers.

9.  Salesperson

Salespeople work in a variety of industries where their task is to sell goods or services in exchange for money. Salespeople must be able to quickly assess a customer’s needs and understand what they want before presenting the alternatives that best suit them. Salespeople need to be able to think on their feet, come up with ideas quickly and make sure they are persuading clients while they’re doing it too.

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