What is arizonabased saas 27m series altos ventures?

Arizonabased saas 27m series altos ventures are the latest and possibly the most disgusting twist on a traditional business model. It is a scheme that often uses several levels of an MLM (multilevel marketing) company to sell subprime home loans with little or no actual credit checks. The product is sold as an “opportunity” with “limited risk” to make your dream come true, yet it implicates that if you do not make your payments, they come after you and take everything they can get out of you – even if it means taking away your children’s college fund or the life savings you’ve accumulated over the years. To top it off, these MLM companies are popping up all over in multiple countries around the world.


What are the products they offer?

– “No Down Payment” home loans (If you are interested in this, you are probably not to be believed.) – Short-term life insurance – Mutual funds – Other financial products that really have no place in an MLM environment. – Home value guarantee


How does it work?

These companies will use a 3, 5, or 7 level marketing structure to sell their “opportunity.” Each level gets a cut of what the person on the bottom earns. The person who signed up has to make X number of sales before they make money. Let’s say you sign up and agree that you must sell a $5000 product each month to make $200 a month. You also have to buy a minimum of 30 months of service from the company. 


This means you will have to spend $3,000 (plus the $2,000 you promised to put down for your “no down payment” home loan up-front). Your pay plan will be structured through all of the levels until you reach 3rd level. On level 3, the person making payments must make at least 1,000 sales a month. On level 5 and 7, you must make at least 2,500 and 3,000 sales per month respectively. You will continue to climb the ranks as long as you generate sales volume.


How does it work?

This scheme is not just limited to the United States. It has been reported that Arizonabased saas 27m series altos ventures are operating recently in Switzerland, Canada, and even England. These companies are called “MLM” (multilevel marketing) companies because they have more levels as well as heavy recruiting tactics.


What kind of people do these companies target?

The people who join these companies tend to be desperate for a home loan. They have had bad experiences with traditional banks for a variety of reasons which we will get into later in this article. These people are typically in their 20s and 30s. They have poor credit and low incomes, but they really want to own a home.


How did these companies get started?

Looking at the history of Arizonabased saas 27m series altos ventures, it is clear that they are not new. One of the biggest MLM companies – Amway – has been operating for over 50 years now and has been extremely profitable. The founders of Amway first appeared in recruiting conventions selling motivational tools that could help you sell products to your friends and family. They sold their story as well as their products to successful groups like farmers and Christians, who make up much of the general Amway demographic base.


What are the benefits?

The most likely benefit to these people is the “zero down payment” home loans. They are able to make a purchase with little or no money down. The problem with this is that the buyers don’t actually end up owning the home because they are leasing it for a short period of time. By signing up with one of these companies, you get a “no down payment” home loan but you really don’t own anything.


What’s wrong with it?

When we take a closer look at Arizonabased saas 27m series altos ventures, we see that they have more levels than meets the eye. The highest levels of the company are run by what are called “super affiliates.” These super affiliates will get commissions for every dollar of sales or service that a person below them makes. In other words, if every person below them pushes people to join the next level – as much as 10X – they can make a large amount of money from just two sales.


Underneath the super affiliates are what they call “downline” people. These people tend to be less motivated and more willing to follow orders. They push the people below them down in order to earn their own commissions which is exactly how an MLM company operates.


Are there any drawbacks?

The biggest disadvantage with this type of company is that they often have very high monthly sales requirements. This means that most people who join will never make enough money to pay off the cost of their product or service. This can take upwards of 5 years to accomplish, assuming you are able to meet your goals. In fact, some reports have proven that it takes people up to 7 years to break even in this type of business model because they are required to spend so much money up-front for a product that does not even guarantee a home loan when you sell it.


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