Anxiety is a real problem and many people suffer from it in silence. If you’re one of them, then please, don’t feel alone. That’s why we put together this post on how to overcome anxiety so that you can start feeling like yourself again like a hippie sunflower quotes

This was very hard for us to write but we thought it would be good for other people who are suffering too. We hope this post will help increase awareness and inspire others struggling with the same thing to find relief and happiness.

8 Things to do as when you get an anxiety attack:

1. Breathe.

The more you breathe the more oxygen reaches the brain, and the more oxygen the brain gets the better it functions. The ability to concentrate becomes easier, which makes it easier to think of solutions. This is very important when you’re feeling anxious. If you don’t breathe well, your heart will beat faster and faster, thus making your anxiety even worse.

2. Stay calm 

When we’re nervous our body produces adrenaline which prepares us for fighting or for fleeing from something that threatens our survival. This is called fight-or-flight response (also known as hyperarousal). When we experience an anxiety attack this response is activated, making us feel like we have to do something (e.g. flee, fight or freeze). This response causes the release of hormones that affect our thinking and our energy levels, making it harder to make rational decisions. You can’t always run away from your problems, so make it easier for yourself to do so by staying calm. Even if you feel you’re not ready to talk yet. (You should never delay talking to your doctor when this is happening).

3. Move 

When we’re feeling anxious our body is more likely to tense up, which makes us feel terrible. When this happens we feel like we are going to explode if something bad doesn’t happen soon. We can distract ourselves by moving a part of our body such as clenching our fists or taking a deep breath through the nose. This is a way to make ourselves feel less tense. It’s better to do it little by little than trying to do it all at once, because it’s hard for a person who is feeling anxious to control their body movements.

4. Stop focusing on the negatives 

You can’t think about something negative (e.g. “I’m going crazy!”) if you’re stressed out or anxious . If we focus on negative things, when we release these thoughts into our brain they affect the production of hormones that affect our thinking and our energy levels, making it harder for us to make rational decisions (concentrate on what’s positive).

5. Talk to someone you trust.

We often get anxiety attacks when we feel alone and isolated. When we don’t have anyone to talk to, our worries seem more important than they actually are. Talking to someone you trust makes it easier to put things into perspective since you can share your feelings with this person. This one is very important because it helps relieve anxiety. Talking to a person (e.g. a friend or a doctor) can reduce stress caused by an anxiety attack and bring us back to our normal state of mind and body.

6. Listen to some music that makes you feel good

Music can be very useful if you want to change your mood or if you want to feel more relaxed somehow during stressful situations.  There are many songs that can help ease anxiety, but what’s important is that the song makes you feel good, because then it will make your body release hormones that calm down your nervous system and relax your muscles. 

7. Stretch

It’s a very good idea to stretch when you’re feeling tense. It will loosen your muscles and make you feel more relaxed. Make sure that you are relaxed when you do the stretch, otherwise, it won’t help much at all. Breathe in deeply through your nose and then forcibly exhale through your mouth as you perform each stretch .  You should repeat a stretch no more than ten times if it is painful or causes discomfort.

8. Reaffirm yourself that everything is going to be alright

This is a very common tip, but it’s the most important one. Even if anxiety tells you that everything is going to go wrong, do not buy this. We want to believe that everything is under control and that all these bad feelings will soon pass and we will feel better, but sometimes life can get hard and this stress can become depression or many other mental health problems . If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies, call your local suicide hotline.


As you can see, not all of them are easy to apply, but we think that if you do some of these things, it’ll be easier for you to overcome anxiety. It is important to remember that progress is constant and that this will be an ongoing process. The more you work on yourself the better you will feel and the better your life will become. So don’t ever give up!

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