The term “self entertainment” is used for the activities that people do on their own in order to enjoy themselves. One form of self entertainment is gaming, and it’s a booming business. In this article, we are going to explore the historical meaning of self entertainment and what has changed over time and where it stands currently in the market. Ohio state fair dates 2015 is a great example of the dramatic changes that self entertainment has gone through. Technology has changed a lot, and new personal experiences have been created. We will be exploring the parallels that gaming in the past has been compared to and how technology and consumerism are working together to shape the industry.

Throughout the history of gaming, self entertainment has always been a recurrent topic but was never fully explored until recently. Gaming goes back thousands years ago to when sticks used by people were put into holes carved into rocks, or when humans made wood models of animals or people out of mud in order to amuse themselves.

Features Of Self Entertainment In Consumer’s Market :

1. Self Entertainment is consumer oriented and consumer driven:

Consumers are the driving force behind consumer entertainment. They have a huge influence over the entertainment industry and their tastes, choices, behaviors and desires will always be in the forefront of any decision made by a company or producer.

2. Self Entertainment is quick, low-cost and comfortable:

Self entertainment has always been fast and low-cost. People are no longer limited by time but by means, meaning that people can play whatever game they want whenever they want it. This also makes self entertainment very safe for children as there is no risk of physical harm when games are played. Also, since self entertainment is decentralized it can take place anywhere with access to electricity.

3. Self Entertainment appeals to people’s senses:

People are sensory driven and self entertainment is usually based on entertaining the human senses. Games are usually appealing to the human senses of vision, hearing, smell and taste. When a game has a clear goal, clear rules and numerous possibilities, it can appeal to all five human senses. It can be made more appealing either through color or sound or through texture by using certain special materials such as metal instead of plastic or some mechanical “cluttering” in a game like depth of field. Electronic games are usually based on lights and sounds that serve as an extra sensory experience for people.

4. Self Entertainment is social:

People are social beings and self entertainment is usually based on being in a social environment. People can meet new friends and make new connections by playing games online or on a mobile device. Other forms of self entertainment such as TV, film and other audio-visual mediums are also considered to be social because they enable people to interact with others in the same room.

5. Self Entertainment is entertaining:

People have always enjoyed different types of entertainment that can be classified into emotional, intellectual or physical experience categories or as a combination of all three (emotional, intellectual and physical). Usually, we see that gaming is a combination of all three types of entertainment and it can vary depending on the game and what kind of goal it has.

6. Self Entertainment promotes brand loyalty:

There are many forms of self entertainment such as movies, music, books, theater etc. This means that there are multiple brands competing in the same field to gain people’s loyalty. There is no loyalty since people usually choose what they want to do according to their own taste but there is always an attempt by the companies who create and develop these products to make them popular through their promotion channels such as sponsoring sports teams or movie stars for example.

7. Self Entertainment is an important part of leisure:

Leisure is considered to be a very important category that can provide people with a sense of well-being and rest. Leisure activities can also be considered as self-expression or self-fulfillment because they enable people to do what they like. However, self entertainment is not always perceived as leisure due to the fact that it’s mostly a personal activity and it doesn’t necessarily involve spending time with friends or family members. There are situations in which this type of activity can be considered as leisure such as when playing games on social media such as Farmville for example.

8. Self Entertainment can be a form of escapism:

Escapism is when people seek to temporarily forget all their troubles and problems by putting themselves into an imaginary, fictional world. This can happen with self-entertainment, especially when people are in stressful work situations and look for a way to temporarily forget about their problems or when people are going through hard times or difficult events in their lives. Many games such as role playing games can make things easier for them by giving them the chance to have another life and try different things that they wouldn’t normally do.

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