Pixel 3XL was released on October 30, 2018. In the first week of release, there have been a lot of people posting a lot of wallpapers online. As soon as an app can be downloaded to your Android or iPhone and also download wallpaper apps, it is not long before you see walls full of pictures posted by celebrities. Pixel 3xl nature wallpapers are also posted by many users.


The Pixel 3XL was made by Google, introduced as a premium smartphone for high-end smartphones. This smartphone is known for its design and ability to take good pictures. It has a double camera with a pixel resolution of 12.2 MP and an aperture of f/1.8 and f / 2.2 respectively, while a front camera of 8 MP and an aperture f / 2.0 is used to detect the light in the low light environment or in the dark environment without flash photography while taking pictures, it is not clear enough due to the problem of focus blur, which makes it difficult to take photos in low light environments or at night (it has been tested several times).


The Ultimate Revelation Of Pixel 3xl Nature Wallpapers :

1. Blue Seashore :


A dark blue surface with a shade of light is the earth’s surface with a blue color in the background. The sea is deep at night and appears to be dark blue. The sea is quite deep and very large. The waves breaking on the shore look like they are broken by white foam. The sun is hidden behind the clouds on a dusky evening. A lighter shade of blue light is spread out on the horizon of the sea in the background, creating a wonderful scene when viewed from afar or from small boats or ships sailing through it.

2. Photograph Of The Sky :


Every sky is different. The color, texture, and shape of the sky depend on the weather and season. Every morning when we wake up the sky is a picture worth seeing. The bright sun shines on the horizon and gradually reduces the brightness of beautiful clouds, raindrops form a small drop of water in the form of rain drops on a bright day in autumn or winter; sunlight is spread out as clouds move away. At night, there are stars shining above us as we look at them by standing next to a lake or river; We walk under a clear blue sky and look up at it with joy and happiness.

3. Sunset Sky :


The sun rises in the sky, the blue sky is slowly becoming darker from the horizon; The setting sun disappears in the clouds and disappears behind the mountain and appears to be a red sunset. In short, when the sun sets in autumn, we can see it from our home or outside our home through a window or through a glass door. Or we can see it when it lights up a wall of trees on a small hill at night. At that time, there was no wind blowing over us. In this situation, we hope to see a beautiful sunset by standing on high ground and looking at the space into which they are going.

4. Tuktuk :


A tuktuk is a two-wheeled vehicle that people ride on in cities of the Far East. It is a small two-wheeled vehicle that carries six people. Although it looks like a toy, it is quite large. It has three flat seats and one large seat for the driver with a seat belt in front and behind, as well as a steering wheel, which can be turned left or right as needed. In terms of speed and size, it is much larger than any other vehicle used for transportation.

5. Mountain Of Clouds :


Mountain clouds are formed by the air current flowing through the mountains from high altitudes to low altitudes. As a result, clouds with different shapes and colors form layers of clouds that take the shape of mountains or hills. In some areas we can see high mountain ranges in a single mountain. It is like a big hill composed of many small hills or small mountains, forming peaks and valleys between them. At night when we look at the sky from our home, we can see dark shapes in the sky that are formed by small clouds near our homes.

6. Night Sky :


When the night falls, the world of color is encouraged. If you look at it, there is a lot of light and bright stars in the sky. There are many different shapes of stars in a very beautiful night sky. In addition to the stars in the sky, we can see a beautiful clear starry night. The moon rises and shines on our homes or on other people’s houses. We can also see the brightest star in our home or other people’s homes when we look up at night with a clear night sky above us. How wonderful is that!

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