Varun Dhawan Haircut is an immensely popular haircut throughout the subcontinent and in many other parts of the world. Varun Dhawan is a very well known Indian actor in this generation of (now) modern India. He has been seen in some good movies like Kai Po Che, Badlapur etc. Varun Dhawan hairstyle is very close to that of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, which means the Indian or South Asian hairstyle.


Varun Dhawan is a very popular actor in India who has also won many awards like the Filmfare Award for his excellent performance in the movie Badlapur and he was also nominated in 2014 for his movie Highway. In this article we will go through some Varun Dhawan hairstyles photographs which you would surely love. The hairstyle was initiated by a Hollywood actor named Justin Bieber who started using it back in 2012 to 2013. Justin Bieber had brown curly hair when he went through this haircut phase which was apparently inspired by his girlfriend Selena Gomez at that time.


Things You Didn’t Know About Varun Dhawan :

1. Varun Dhawan does not have 1 single super famous movie


As a start point, we know that Varun Dhawan is a very talented actor and has been getting more and more recognition for his roles. It is said that he has started working in movies since 2004 which makes him one of the most successful actors in Bollywood India.


According to Indian Express, Varun Dhawan hairdo was first seen in 2014 with the help of his then girlfriend Katrina Kaif when they both were shooting together. He also sported this style while shooting for his movie Badlapur. A few months later he was seen sporting this hairstyle while doing a press meet with Katrina Kaif.


2. Varun Dhawan’s hair is much different from his hair in movies


The Varun Dhawan Hairstyle is a very popular haircut and a style which many are looking for. However, his hairstyle in movies is quite different from the real one. In the movies you will notice that he keeps it slicked back and it is neatly cut, but when he goes out for official events or to social gatherings his hairdo is usually more cute with wild curls and long strands of hair. The difference between them can be seen clearly in the images below:

3. Varun Dhawan’s hair is also very slick back


Varun Dhawan Hairstyle is also known to be a very good hairstyle which many people have been following, however the fact in his haircut is that he keeps his hair very slick back and combed neatly. He usually keeps the sides short and then in some cases he also goes for an undercut. The images below show a clear picture of Varun Dhawan haircut:

4. Varun Dhawan does not have any tattoos


Varun Dhawan has always been seen by his fans with a cool looking haircut without any tattoos since he is known as one of the most eligible bachelors in India at present. The fans have been always looking for a tattoo or a piercing in his body but nothing much has been spotted or heard off. The details can be verified from the following images:

5. Varun Dhawan is very famous in India and abroad


Varun Dhawan Hairstyle is known to be a very common hairstyle these days which many people tend to follow, especially if they are fans of him. His popularity has led him to European countries like France, Germany and Italy among other countries where his movies are known as well. According to the latest reports he has been seen in Munich on the set of his upcoming movie which will be released soon under the direction of acclaimed filmmaker YRF.


6. Varun Dhawan has appeared in many movies like Badlapur, Highway etc.


Varun Dhawan is known for his performances in movies like Badlapur and Highway. He was mostly seen in the role of a gangster which made him popular all over the world. He also played an important role in the movie where he was seen playing an anti-hero character which led him to another level of fame with his fans. Apart from that, he also appeared in few Indian movies like Holi and Itihaas as well, however none of them have gained much recognition yet although they are good movies too to watch out for if you haven’t already seen them at least once.

7. Varun Dhawan has curly wavy hair


Unlike the others, Varun Dhawan has curly wavy hair which is typical to those found in Western countries. He has got a good amount of volume and thickness in his hair which makes it look really cool. If you care to see his complete hairstyle you can watch his videos on Youtube. 


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