This post will explore nine things you may have learned from your parents, who teach you about animal abuse like peluchin entertainment cat video. Growing up, we learn a lot of things just by listening to our parents talk. They know what’s best for us and they want what’s best for everyone. And while they’re not always correct in their ideas–they aren’t perfect–there are some lessons that are worth remembering throughout your life. One lesson is that it’s never okay to hurt an animal and there are many ways this can happen.

1. Sometimes the best way to help an animal is to leave it alone.

Maybe when you were younger your parents taught you that if you ever saw a stray dog or cat, you should try to catch it. They probably told you that the poor animal needed a good home and it would be your job to give it one. But now, as an adult, I know that this isn’t necessarily true. There are some animals who are better off living in the wild than being taken into a stranger’s home. If there aren’t any shelters in the area, like if you’re in the country, then maybe catching a wild animal isn’t such a good idea after all. Do you remember seeing that stray cat wandering around your neighborhood? How did it look? Scared and dirty? An unneutered male? If so, it belongs out in the wild with its home and family. The same goes for an injured animal. I’ve seen animals who are hit by cars or attacked by other animals and left to rot along the roadside or in a field. Sometimes it’s hard to watch them suffer, but we can’t do anything for them. They’re better off out of their misery.

2. A child’s job isn’t to be a critic; it’s to be respectful of adults and the world around him/her.

If you were a child and you saw an adult abuse their dog, cat, or any other animal you may have been taught not to say anything. You were supposed to watch in silence and never draw attention to the situation. This advice can be somewhat true at times but not always. If an adult is sick and hurts themselves while they’re bathing a pet don’t be afraid of helping them. And if someone is abusing one of these animals, get it out of that environment immediately. It doesn’t matter who it’s coming from–it’s the right thing to do no matter who it is.

3. It’s easy for animals to see that their owners will stop abusing them if they change their behavior (i.e. they stop doing the bad things).

The same goes with kids and their parents. If you’re a child, you can see that your parents’ moods are very different depending on what they’ve been doing that day. They may be happy one minute and angry the next. This is just how it is, but at times you might think that if your parents would only do what you’re asking or if they would just stop yelling at you when they get mad…this would fix everything. Perhaps they could go to a shelter and find a new pet from where the animal wouldn’t suffer from abuse or neglect. The same goes with adults who abuse their animal friends. They’re doing what they think is right, even if it’s wrong. But perhaps if that person would just stop drinking or using drugs everything would be okay again. All it takes is a little bit of work–on all sides–and the problem can be fixed.

4. If your pets are happy, then you know the people who take care of them are making the right decisions and everything is fine in your life.

If your parents treat their pets well, then everything else in the house might be okay too. This isn’t always true because some people treat animals well but do terrible things to humans and other animals as well. You can’t get around the fact that sometimes people are evil, but it’s important to know that the people who love your dog or cat are good people. They’re trying to be better, and sometimes a little work on their parts is all to make things right again. If you’re worried about something bad happening to your pets, go talk to them in person. If they know what’s happening and they’re saying they’ll be okay, then you can feel good knowing everything will be okay–eventually. It just takes some time for everything to get back on track again.

5. It matters if an animal needs medical attention or not because if an animal isn’t doing well, it’s only a matter of time before it dies.

When you’re a child and your parents tell you that you need to take your pet to the vet, it doesn’t always make sense. You think that if they get medical attention people will care more because they know they’re sick, but most of the time this isn’t true. People who are abusing animals hurt them all the time because they don’t stop, and if an animal is in pain it can’t get better. Sometimes children don’t know what’s wrong with their pet so they take them in hoping someone will figure out what’s wrong and save their lives, but this rarely happens. If you’re thinking about taking your pet to a vet or even putting out a missing person notice for them, think twice.


If you’re worried that your family or friends are hurting animals and you haven’t done anything about it yet, don’t. This isn’t the time to make a move because you can’t fix the problem if you don’t know that it’s happening. You have to keep an eye on things and hope that your concerns are enough that you’ll do something about them before it’s too late.


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