You are probably here because you have a business website or ecommerce website and want to make the best of it by building backlinks. But without a strategy, your online business will suffer. 

Here are the 9 mistakes that may destroy your link building campaign:

1. You do not have a link building strategy : 

Before we start, a  best link building agencies is crucial for a link building campaign. A strategy will help you find the best backlinks for your website, who to target and which sites to work on. Having a strategy will give you the tools and confidence required to execute your link building campaign effectively.

Below are some of the most common link building strategy mistakes:

Not knowing your competitors’ online business. 

Staying only in one or two industries. A tactic in which you focus on one or two types of keywords like “personal care” and “banking” in a very narrow niche. You want to work on a broad selection of keywords and niche when building backlinks as this will provide you with maximum exposure through better ranking. 

Having an overly saturated website that heightens competition for incoming links. Having an overly long domain name, keywords, URLs and even email addresses for your site that invites spam links to your site.

Creating a link building campaign with no practical measurement. 

Matching your keywords to the rankings of your chosen sites. It is vital that you match your keywords to the rankings of the sites with which you are working on your link building campaign. You can’t make it work if you are working on the wrong set of sites or a project that has very low search volume or not enough traffic from an industry.

2. You do not know where to get links : 

Even with a strategy, it’s very important that you have an idea on where to get backlinks for your business website or ecommerce website. You need to understand what kind of backlinks you will be looking for in order to design your own plan.

3. What to do next ?

You have your campaign strategy, but how do you know what to do next? You need to know where to start from and which tools to use. This will help you execute your plan effectively and efficiently. Without a plan, you may not be able to optimize your time for maximum benefit. There are many tools out there that you can use to start with.

4. You did not keep track of your campaign progress : 

Selling products online is a numbers game where the more money you invest, the more sales and profits you will get out at the end of the day. A link building campaign requires investment and proper tracking of all activities related to the campaign. 

Not knowing what works and what does not will only keep you confused. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you have spent 1 month without any results in your link building campaign.

5. You do not know who to outsource your link building : 

Whether you are in it for the short or long run, having a plan to outsource your link building campaign is important. This will help you as a business owner hire someone to work on your campaign while you continue to run your business and earn money. Outsourcing can be overwhelming but with the right plan, it’s doable.

6. You thought that reviews were enough : 

Customer reviews can help improve online sales but they are not the best links you can get for your website or ecommerce website. Studies show that a link from a product page is by far the most powerful type of backlink. And you must use different types of backlinks to reach various target online audiences.

7. You were not patient enough : 

Patience is the key for successful link building. You need to be patient enough to execute your strategy and do the necessary research before creating a campaign or launching it before taking action. The longer you wait, the higher the probability of your campaign being successful if executed properly.

8. You did not consider social media : 

Social media is one of those channels that can give a tremendous boost to your online business with very little work and investment. With social media, you can gain valuable backlinks and connect with your target audience without making commitments or spending a lot of money.

9. You did not take note of the competitors : 

Marketing is a competitive world where every business owner wants to distinguish their brand as the best or offer something unique to set them apart from their competitors. This means that you must be always on the lookout for what your competitors are doing online and then make sure that you either put them out of business or get ahead of them to provide better service and products to your customers.

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