Ever wonder how Stardew Valley combines two separate words into one word? In this post, we’ll explore how its name is made. There are some interesting rules that create a unique word from two separate words. 


For example, the word “stardust” is a creation of putting together the words “star” and “dust.” This happens to be just one of many examples in English, as there are hundreds of other double-word combinations in it’s lexicon.


How Stardew Valley Name Works

The way the Stardew Valley name works is that it’s composed of two separate words, a complete word, and a part word. In the case of “Stardew,” the first part is “Stard,” which is a complete word by itself. 


With so much linguistic complexity at your fingertips, what should you name your own farm? Well, think about what you know as well as some creative features you might want to make sure it has.


Here are some stardew valley names discussed-


1. One word farm names-


Stardew Valley has a number of one-word farm names, such as:


Jade Lake (jade + lake )


Fallen Tree Farms (fallen + tree farms)


Lucky Pond Farm (lucky + pond + farm) etc.


As you can see, the word Stardew Valley chose to make the name is mainly composed of the first words in each of those phrasal nouns. The ending word “farm” is common to all three, so it does not need to be included in the compound noun itself.


2. Two word farm names


Some Stardew Valley place names are longer. For example, Mayor Lewis’s house is called “Mayor Lewis’s House.” This is formed by taking the Mayor’s first name, “Lewis,” and combining it with his last name, which is a single word.


Similarly, two or more words may also be combined to create compound nouns. For example, a famous location named in the game is Pelican Town . 


In American English pronunciation as well as international English pronunciation, both “pelican” and “town” are pronounced with a T at the end. So, the Pelican Town name, or any similar name which has both words, is actually a compound noun.


The above also applies to phrases that contain both words. For example:


The farm work refers to house chores such as planting and harvesting. The origin of this phrasal noun could be from how work on the farm is related to house chores, in particular by working with one’s hands and being part of the family space.


When a Stardew Valley name is too long, it can often be shortened by taking the last part of it and dropping the first part. This shortening technique is referred to as “dropping the first letter” and is fairly useful for when your name just won’t fit. For example:

3. Long farm names


The Cowboy Farm (cowboy + farm) The Island Farm (island + farm) The Grilled Trout Pond (grilled + trout + pond) The Meadow Dishwater (meadow + dishwater) etc. ​The Lightning Ridge Farmstead (lightning + ridge + farmstead) etc. The Red Mushroom Farm (red + mushrooms + farm) The Salt Farm (salt + farm) etc.


When you’re making up your own name, here are some tips:


  • Repeating letters in a word doesn’t make it easier to pronounce . In fact, it’s the opposite. Having repeated letters really doesn’t look good when you write the name down, and it will just not be as easy to read either. 


Remember that anagram is one of the ways people can figure out your password! So if your first few letters are all the same, pick a better name for yourself!


  • Don’t forget about diacritics . In order to be a good language learner, you need to remember that diacritics count too. For example, the word ‘adornment’ cannot be spelled as ‘adornment’ because the ‘d’ is not a single letter / sound.
  • Don’t just go with the same first letters of other words already in the dictionary. Look at what your choice of name has as a prefix, suffix, and root. For example, you could have created a name like ‘Mushroom Pond.’ However, there are a couple of problems with that. One is that it doesn’t make sense when seen in writing . 


It can also be really long . Not to mention it would hardly ever be read out loud! ‘Mushroom’ is not even an English word! So if you’re really set on this one being your farm name, make sure that you change or modify it to fit better to your target audience’s idea of how to pronounce it.


Remember that if you want to be a successful player in Stardew Valley, you are going to need to become an expert in creating a name for yourself! Learn more about how you can create your own name.

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