So the essential number phrases as a lot as ten shaped first, then they had been extended a bit with the –lif ending. So the reason why 13 and fifteen don’t follow the rules is as a end result of they haven’t quite caught as much as the other numbers just yet. Although, if thirteen and 15 are bending the rules, then eleven and 12 are fully smashing them. They ought to change eleven and twelve to firsteen and seconteen as a result of firsteen and secondteen makes extra sense than eleven and twelve. Those numbers can be teenage numbers as soon as they’re changed to firsteen and seconteen. I am twelve yrs old and the word “twelve” dosn’t make any sense.

Great concept for a weblog feature and nice job Danny Boy. Oh, and I believe it must be called “oneteen.” I think that’s what the elves supposed. Good manners are a mark of a charismatic particular person – so please hold comments civil, non-argumentative, constructive and associated, or they will be moderated.

So then the question is, why do not we now have threelif, fourlif, fiflif, sixlif and so on? The answer has to do with the event of number methods over historical past. A lengthy, long time ago, when the quantity words were first being shaped, most people didn’t have much reason to differentiate numbers above ten. In reality, some languages of primitive cultures solely have number phrases for one, two, and many.

From Thirteen to Nineteen is off stability, but Firsteen to Nineteen is presently balanced. The advantages of twelve as a number base are as acknowledged. However, our ancestors actually didn’t depend in twelves on a daily basis. The most believable etymologies for “eleven” and “twelve” are that they mean ” one left” and ” two left”, respectively.

This is a typical characteristic of many languages, the primary few numbers have their own “particular” names, and the remainder are built utilizing a normal technique like including the -ty ending. You may have noticed that numbers similar to twenty, thirty, and fifty don’t sound like “twoty, threety, and fivety”. And as with thirteen and fifteen, it is because d&d genasi names they observe the foundations of the old English somewhat than the trendy English we converse at present. Back in the day there was a deliberate plot by “learned ones” to make math past counting on fingers mysterious. Having knowledge meant having power. The more confusing a subject the more power for those within the know.

Tell us a little about your self to get began. Because the idea of ‘eleven’ and the word ‘eleven’ precede us utilizing a decimal system to write down out our numbers – which can be why 12 by way of 19 also use non-standard language. So, the explanation numbers 10–19 don’t comply with the identical pattern as 20–29 has to do with their endings or suffix. I agree with cherry, it ought to be tenty one, since we also say twenty one, thirty one and so forth – logically talking. Of course, there have been some different varieties on the market.

Besides, what do you assume “ty” really means? You counsel that we are saying “one ten” each time we want to say “ten”. So the explanation why eleven and 12 don’t observe the identical guidelines as the other numbers is that they’ve a totally completely different origin story. This entry was posted in Entertainment and tagged google, google searches, why is not 11 pronounced onety one?. But because in many European languages, the primary twelve numbers have their own particular person names, after which begin going into repeating patterns at 13. Which can be why 12 is twelve, not onety-two.

As a parent and teacher, these numbers wreck quantity logic when attempting to teach a small baby and I’d advocate for a change, but it seems an unlikely, if logical, aim. Eleven and twelve come from the German elf and zwolf. I hope you loved studying about the origins of the quantity 11 and why it isn’t onety-one. I’m sure there are many different reasons, so do add them below. If it wasn’t our ancestors, then maybe the originator of the counting system was by some means genetically mutated and born with 12 fingers. It cause the creators of recent English you would say just like the language to be able roll off the tongue smoothly.

The similar reason the quantity 22 is not pronounced twoty two. Or 33 just isn’t pronounced threety three. You can personalise what you see on TSR.