World Finance was a really good site for helping build a personal financial foundation for myself. I think it was really helpful because it gave me an idea of a number of resources that I could use to build a financial foundation that I was comfortable with.

That’s just my opinion.

And I think the site has been really helpful as well, with a lot of really great links that have given me many ideas for things like, what’s the best place to start a savings account? I can find a lot of really great sites that provide that information, and I love sites like that. I wouldn’t want to be doing without it, so it’s a huge plus.

Well, they do all have a personal bank account thing, but I dont see myself using it for that, because I just dont like banks.

I mean I love them, but I think banks are a little bit too convenient, and I think they’ve been taking advantage of that by building too many “hidden” accounts across the web. In fact some banks I’ve seen charge a fee to open a savings account, and some others charge to use your debit/credit cards.

I actually went to work for one of these banks, and I dont think that I was as surprised by it as I was to see it happening. I was just a little bit glad I had that account.

It’s a little shocking that there are so many sites charging fees to use a debit or credit card. But it’s true. Banks have been charging a fee for years to get you to open an account and use your debit or credit card.

It seems to me that it’s much more common for a small business to get into trouble by charging for a service you don’t need but a bank has a need for. I’m not sure if that’s an indication of banks being greedy or just a sign that the customer was simply stupid. Either way, the fact that there are so many banks charging fees for services they don’t actually need to begin to look like the banks they are.

Yes, but that’s a matter of perspective. I think the banks are in the wrong.

I think banks are in the wrong, but I also think that its a sign that people need greater responsibility in how they run their businesses. If a business charges for something they do not need, then there is a problem in the first place. I know that when I am out and about with my credit cards, I am not actually doing anything but using them so I dont have to worry about paying them off.


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